Risk Assessment

Kirkby Stephen Hostel is a large 2 storey converted chapel.


I have provided a risk assessment for my Hostel, and also ask that organisers of groups do their own in addition, as every group has different specifications, which may not be obvious to Kirkby Stephen Hostel.


I would like to point out that because of the age of the property the hostel is not suitable for wheelchair bound people.


Arrival and car parking.


Kirkby Stephen has a free car park 5 minutes walk from the hostel. And unlimited parking on the streets around the hostel. The path way up to the entrance has a step 13 cm and is 18 meter long by 1 meter wide, with an uneven tarmac. There is a drain at the front of this path, and plant containers up the side. There is a 26 cm step into the reception itself with a hand rail. The reception door is 80 cm x190.6 cm. The path continues around the property to the bike shed with a tight corner, there are lights around the path; I would also advise that you have a torch to assist safe walking at night.


I have a hostel dog who lives with me at the hostel who is extremely friendly and likes the attention of guests. I will remove the dog from the hostel if any one has any concerns.



Please ensure that all children are properly supervised at all times to prevent them from harming themselves or disturbing other guests. My rules are to ensure that no personal injures occur and no damage is done to the hostel. Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on the top bunks or to climb the ladders onto the top bunks.



There is no access to the office by guests.



This is a carpeted room  380 cm x 109 cm with a door leading to the main hall, and one leading to the bedrooms, and bathrooms, these 2 doors are 7 cm wide and have a self shutting device. The door to the bedrooms has a safety glass window. All guests are requested to fill out a registration form and provide me with a list of all the names in each group, this is for fire safety reasons .All emergency telephone numbers are displayed in the reception and all bedrooms.


Drying Room

The floor has an uneven surface, and is fitted out with coat hangers and shelves; customers are requested not to touch the boiler or any of the hostel mechanics in this room. The light in this room goes on and off on a timer. I would like customers to leave their boots and muddy foot wear in this room.


Fire Alarm System

Fire Extinguisher, Fire blankets and Smoke Alarms are all maintained and inspected under contract. All bedrooms have a fire drill in them with the nearest fire escape door detailed and telling you where the Assembly Area is. At the front of the hostel to the right, in front of the Chapel cottage. Fire alarms are installed and can be heard from all rooms. All guests have to make their  way to the front of the hostel in an orderly mannor.Gas heating system are maintained and checked by a gas registered engineer. Please note that the hostel has a strict no smoking policy, and that there is a cigarette box to the left of the main entrance door.


Outside Safety

Please do not climb on the railings at the front of the hostel or any outside walls.


Dining Room

This is the large chapel area, with the ceiling to roof height. Are windows are old chapel style with stain glass, not double glazed. There are 4 tables 78 cm high in this room with old pews and stools for seating, there is also soft seating and sofas, all guests are asked to take care whilst carrying their food and crockery to their table. there are Fire Extinguishers in this room, all labelled to the Fire regulations. The customers kitchen is an open L shaped room off the main hall. The floor covering is slip resistant. Windows are high, there is a fire blanket provided beside the window. There are 2 sinks in this room and the hot water does get hot and customers are asked to take care. A Fire escape door is next to the kitchen entrance. The kitchen has a mixture of stainless steel work tops and Formica surface.


Also in the kitchen. Electric 4 ring cooker, 2 x ring electric rings toasters, electric kettles, microwave, microwave oven, fridge freezer, bins, recycle bins.


All crockery and cook wear is provided for making your own meals .table ware, glasses, crockery for eating. I will remind customers at this point to be careful with knives and to keep the knives container on top of the fridge where will be of a safe height for safety for children.



Keep knives out of reach from children


Take care with hot tap


Switch off all cooking appliances after use


Take out plugs after use


Take care and be responsible for the safety of your selves and other guests


All Bedrooms

I have 3 bed rooms down stairs.2 x4 bedded rooms and 1 x6 beds. There are also 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1x6 .and1x8 joining onto a 6xbeddedroom. The following information applies to all rooms. Which are accessed by a long carpeted corridor all doors to bedrooms are 75 cm wide. All beds are wooden bunk beds, with ladders; they all have their own bed light and a bed side shelf. All beds are made up with clean bedding, and guests are asked to take off all bedding and put it into black bin at the bottom of the stairs, All bedrooms are carpeted, and have rugs, please take care not to trip on these. Curtains are in all bedrooms. Each room has a shelf space for the customer’s belongings, and any extra luggage can be stored under the beds. Ceiling lights are in all rooms. Electric Heaters are in all rooms; please turn off to save energy. Windows in the down stairs rooms are high. Windows in upstairs rooms are lower, customers are asked not to stand or sit on the ledges. Room 6 has a area above the bathroom, please do not go on this area.


Wardens Bedrooms

2x twin rooms both have fitted carpets, and sky lights, plug in electric heaters. They are assessed by a door leading into a carpeted corridor.1 of these twins has an en suite bathroom. Please turn off heaters when you leave the room.


Bathrooms and Showers

The following applies to all bathrooms, and showers, all showers have slip resistant flooring, however I also provide bath mats and shower curtains is customers require these, they are in the window, at the bottom of the stair case, along with towels to hire. All water in the hostel is quite hot and customers are requested to take care with the hot water taps and the shower .Each bathroom ahs a mirror, shelf, toilet brush and dustbin, heater, and light switch. I ask that no other waste other than toilet roll goes down the toilet. The bath room down stairs, and next to room 6 both have glass panels, and I ask that you take care  closing the doors, as they are not fitted with shatter proof glass.


Stairs and Passage Ways

There are 16 steps 22cm high and 92cm wide, stairs have a hand rail at both sides of stair case to a landing where there are 4 more steps to rooms 4and 5. And 4 steps to room 6. All stairs are carpeted, and nose edged with contrasting colour for added safety. They are all lit with safety lights.



There are 20 steps 86 cm wide,22 cm high. With a hand rail. The balcony at the top of the stairs is an open room overlooking the main hall, with an open rail114 cm high the length of this room, please do not climb on this. This room is a seating area a quiet room with a rug, please take care not to trip.


There are 3 fire escapes in the hostel.

The reception door.


One in the main Hall.


One at the end of the passage past bed room 3, this leads to the bike shed.

When leaving bike in this room please take care not to block the fire escape doors.


Group and Whole Hire Information

On or before arrival, please call me for the code for the outside door, you are then responsible for the safety of your group and for any damaged caused, the hostel must be left in the same condition as you found it. You as a group get the use of my kitchen, which has stainless steel work tops, and all walls are tiled. There is a catering dish washer, with instructions of usage left on the top, please clean this out after you have used it. There is also a catering 6 ring gas cooker, please follow the instructions I will leave for you, when using the cooker. The only room not assessable by you the group will be my office, where the central heating controls and fire alarm will by, please discuss with me before your arrival, your heating needs in the common rooms. I will tell you how to contact me in case of a fire. you are also responsible for putting a list of who is sleeping in which room, in the fire box on the outside  wall to the left of the reception door. Please take away all your rubbish.


Rubbish and Recycling

All rubbish must be taken away from the Hostel on your departure. You are responsible to take your rubbish with you. Large rubbish and recycling bins are available on Hobsons Lane, behind the large Co-operative Food supermarket.


Contact Details

In all rooms there are emergence contact details, and fire instructions. Also a notice saying that you are responsible for your own personal things whilst you stay in the hostel.Instructions is also in each room with a fire drill.


I hope you have a pleasant relaxed stay at the hostel thank you for your time in reading this assessment, which is for your personal safety.

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